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Where’s my Water is the modern day iPhone sport from Disney cell and the second one iPhone recreation released by means of them based totally upon seeking to manage liquid. You play as ‘Swampy the Alligator’ who would love for not anything extra to take a bathtub. Unfortunately all of the different resident alligators within the sewer are stealing Swampy’s water and its your task to divert it returned! The intention is to manual the water to Swampy’s tub, by using digging tunnels together with your finger via the dust, to manual the water’s waft. Along the manner you could manual the water to accumulate three small rubber duckies to unlock greater stages and bonuses. The goal is to fill the bath to a predetermined amount to move to the next level. Your rating is primarily based upon how rapid you filled the bathtub, if you had any overflow (which is ideal), how the various duckies you managed to spherical up and in case you unlocked any bonuses. With updates promised and rave evaluations up to now, I assume Where’s my Water to stay a Top iPhone and iPad sport for a long term.


• Over 80 difficult puzzles to release with new chapters in unfastened updates!

It’s your task to repair Swampy’s pipes and get the water flowing once more so he can take his tub! Four distinctive chapters with twenty degrees a piece make certain that that is an iPhone game you may get hours of entertainment from. Plus new chapters are being released within the form of free updates with numerous more at the manner. The a laugh is simply starting!

• Meet “Swampy the Alligator!”

The game brings a wealthy story line at the side of the sport itself. Watch the story unfold as you help poor ole’ Swampy who best wants to take a bath with his liked rubber ducky. You’ll develop connected to Swampy as he is brought to lifestyles with all the liveliness and element which you’d anticipate in a iPhone sport from Disney Studios.

• Water physics are fluid and real looking!

With Where’s My Water you can definitely go together with the drift! Amazing fluid practical details can help you “splish and splash” your way through boundaries all controlled effects along with your finger. Controls experience natural and constant.

• Creative obstacles and puzzles!

Along the way you’ll come upon algae that grows whilst it comes in touch with water. You’ll also encounter corrosive acid which can eat the algae AND YOUR PIPES! Use all the sources available in the puzzle to unencumber unique functions, stages, skills and more!

Pros and Cons


~ Physics and controls behave as anticipated: The motion of the water is well, quite fluid. The liquid behaves the way you’ll count on it to in the UFABET game which truly quickens up the mastering curve. The recreation follows your touch very precisely allowing easy manipulation of the surroundings.

~ Interesting story line – Follow “Swampy” as he battles thieving alligators, big algae, corrosive acid and a ramification of different limitations. Colorful animations and a cast of characters makes you need to finish the subsequent stage to peer what happens next.

~ Great fee – I’ve played the sport for properly over twenty hours now and I simplest paid $zero.Ninety nine. Excellent value for the price.


~ Blobby water – Sometimes the water seems pretty “blobby” if you manipulate to isolate a few water from the primary waft.

~ Scroll bar can be difficult to master – If the level is greater than the display screen (which it regularly is) a scroll bar appears to scroll from pinnacle to bottom. I’ve discovered that at times (especially for the duration of annoying moments in the sport) It might be a lot less complicated if I could scroll with my finger or tilt the smartphone instead of getting to apply the scroll bar.

With over 1,000,000 downloads in the first week of its release and that quantity increasing ever faster each day, Where’s my Water is speedy turning into the maximum famous puzzle recreation out this 12 months. If you’ve got a dollar and experience puzzle games, I incredibly recommend you test this one out.

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