Read The Diamond Grading Report Before Buying An Engagement Ring

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Not all dealers offer diamond grading lab reports (aka diamond excellent reviews) to their customers. So my popular recommendation to you is to preserve your money on your pocket while managing such jewelers.

Only buy a diamond engagement ring if it comes with the unique diamond first-rate record.

A lab file is an independent evaluation of the 4Cs of a loose เพชรร่วง and includes a plotted diagram of the stone’s clarity traits and a photo illustration of the stone’s proportions. Having any such record allows you to compare diamonds of various characteristics and in the long run allows you’re making a extra knowledgeable shopping for selection.

A retailer can also cut corners and now not offer a lab report or an unscrupulous dealer may offer a faux one due to the time, hassle and fee he’ll undergo to getting a stone graded.

Yeah – there’s a price for grading a diamond (even though that value is ultimately paid by means of the purchaser), plus the shipping and insurance prices for sending the diamond to the lab. And allow us to now not neglect the possibility cost of a jeweler now not having the diamond in his save for sale for a few weeks at the same time as the grading takes region.

However, a diamond grading record might also now not be available because the fees to getting one may additionally impact too heavily at the very last fee of the hoop.

For example, a zero.3ct diamond ring costing $250 say, might cost around $seventy five to be graded and have the record variety inscribed on the girdle on the diamond.

As you look for that best diamond engagement ring on your sweetheart, you may locate that there is an alphabet soup of labs claiming to provide reputable diamond grading reports. But I could handiest put my cash on…

The Premier Diamond Grading Lab Reports

Yes, all diamond exceptional reviews are not created equal. Within the industry, it’s far a consensus that the two most useful labs are GIA-GTL (Gemological Institute of America’s Gem Trade Lab) and the AGS (American Gem Society Laboratories).

The GCAL (Gem Certification and Assurance Lab) additionally gives enormously seemed reports or “diamond certificate” as they may be referred to through GCAL.

The GIA has the most powerful international reputation for independence and consistency. Due to their steady coloration and readability strictness pointers, the globe’s biggest and maximum high priced diamonds were sent there for grading a long time. In 2006, GIA-GTL delivered a two-dimensional cut grading device for spherical splendid diamonds.

AGS uses the strictest cut standards in the industry. It makes use of a three-dimensional light performance metric that could grade several diamond shapes. In reality, it is the only cut grading device this is identified by using the scientific community.

What is extra, its Diamond Quality Document makes use of a completely unique and proprietary zero to ten grading gadget to evaluate the four Cs – a gadget that is less complicated to understand than GIA’s grading device. In truth, AGS even is going the more step by way of equating their 0-10 score scale to different forms of rating.

For example, the conventional VS1 diamond readability rating is a 3 on the AGS Diamond Quality Document.

Diamond Reporting – The Drawbacks

1. Diamond grading isn’t standardized or regulated and for this reason you could encounter tier 2 labs that hire looser hints to the tier 1 grading labs cited above.

If you purchase a diamond that has been graded by means of a tier 2 lab, you may become paying extra for a lesser quality diamond. So as an example, a diamond rated a “F” in shade at a tier 2 lab may additionally get a G, H, or decrease coloration score at a more legit lab.

The enterprise also reductions diamonds graded by means of lesser recognized labs by using about 15-30% or extra. So either you best purchase a diamond graded by a tier 1 lab otherwise you receive that you is probably shopping for a lesser first-class diamond than what is said at the document if that diamond is graded through a lesser recognized lab.

2. Many huge chain stores have large contracts with lesser regarded labs with “softer” diamond grading suggestions. Some of those softer labs put “recommended alternative values” at the lab reviews – values which are better than what stores intends promote the diamonds for.

So a salesclerk in a chain save may additionally say to you, “Look on the tremendous deal you are becoming right here. We are promoting you this diamond engagement ring for $2500 but the file says that the suggested substitute value is $4000.” Wow – what a deal – NOT! This is why it is higher that you trust best impartial tier 1 labs.

Also undergo in mind that legit diamond grading reviews aren’t appraisals and do not provide appraisal figures. Diamond value determinations are often grossly inflated and aren’t something you will want to rely upon.

3. Diamond reviews are riddled with disclaimers that explain that nothing is “certified” or assured and that the labs are not answerable for mistakes. In reality, the GIA offers a disclaimer of kinds on their internet site regarding the use of the phrase “certify.” The website says:

“It is wrong to kingdom that students, graduates, their corporations, or particular gems are “certified” by means of GIA. The Gemological Institute of America does not certify anybody or anything. Neither a student nor a graduate who has been provided a certificate or diploma, nor a gem which has been graded or recognized by means of GIA has been licensed with the aid of GIA”.

So it is possible that you the purchaser is left preserving the bag ought to an inaccuracy in a record is later observed. Courts have frequently ruled that sellers, no longer labs, are answerable for such mistakes. Why? Because the labs indicated beforehand that their reports couldn’t be held responsible.

Fortunately, there are a couple methods to provide your self more purchaser protection:

A. You could fly to India in which jewelers provide an entire life buyback coverage to their customers. Too costly to fly?

B. You should discover one of the 20% of US jewelers who promote completely bonded diamonds. These are diamonds that are bought with lifetime breakage, lifetime exchange-in and lifetime buyback regulations.

C. Not as accurate a remedy as shopping for a totally bonded diamond but you could purchase a diamond that incorporates an real “certificates” and no longer a record. “Certified diamonds do come with guaranties” albeit for shorter periods.


Some dealers seek advice from a “diamond document” as a “certified diamond” however technically this isn’t accurate. From a legal perspective, a diamond file is a in reality an expert opinion even though in truth, aspects of a diamond grading file aren’t just critiques.

For example, a diamond’s carat (weight) can be appropriately determined as well as its reduce grade by measuring its optical efficiency or by referring to a pc version. A certificates alternatively is a assertion of fact – a record for which the provider accepts felony duty and will make restitution to the customer for errors.

Some pinnacle diamond grading labs offer both reports and certificate. AGS gives Diamond Quality Documents (non-certified reports) and also Diamond Quality Certificates. Diamond Quality Certificates are organized completely for AGS retail jewelers and gives guaranties from taking part American Gem Society member shops.

GCAL certifies it’s diamond grading additionally. Its one hundred% money-returned assure coverage is valid for a duration of years from the date on the applicable certificate. This coverage ensures the accuracy of the reduce, coloration and clarity grades and the carat weight.

A record or certificate should may have a number on it that may or may not be inscribed on a diamond. You can be capable of input that quantity at the internet site of the certifying lab to check a file’s validity.

Elements Of A Diamond Grading Report

Diamond grading reviews are constantly evolving however certain element have to stay the equal. For instance, the:

The Report #. This number is given and recorded in a lab’s record and can or won’t be inscribed on a diamond’s girdle. You can enter the document range on a grading lab’s website to check the authenticity of the diamond high-quality file or to get more statistics about the diamond.

Shape & Facet Style: This is the outline and the slicing fashion used for the side arrangement. There are 3 fundamental side patterns – “splendid reduce, step cut and blended reducing style” and 12 basic shapes which include notables such as round first-rate and princess reduce” diamonds.

Measurements: This refers to length (now not weight) of a diamond. Size consists of dimensions which include duration, width, weight and diameter. A size is typically listed to the hundredth of a millimeter. Measurements play a huge function in how a diamond sparkles.

Carat Weight: The weight of a diamond is measured to the hundredth of a carat and a few even offer such measure to the thousandth of a carat (1.123ct.). Carat is the most objective and the easiest to apprehend of the 4Cs because all one has to do is weight the stone.

Color Grade: This tells you the level of shade absence within the diamond. The much less shade the better the grade.

Diamonds are typically graded from D-Z; the toward “D” the whiter the diamond. You ought to by no means see diamond coloration variety which include (G-H, I-J-K, and so forth) on a diamond report. You ought to best see coloration ranges on value determinations for stones that are established.

Clarity Grade: Virtually every diamond has internal imperfections referred to as inclusions and external imperfections referred to as blemishes. A diamond is graded consistent with the scale, kind, location and quantity of those flaws.

Clarity grades variety from Flawless (FL) – Included. Labs use a couple professionals to grade the clarity of a diamond with the intention to give you a more accurate reading.

Cut Grade: More latest diamond reports encompass a reduce grade for trendy round top notch diamonds. Cut takes into consideration the brilliance, hearth and scintillation of the diamond. Cut grade degrees from Excellent – Poor.

Other factors you may stumble upon on a diamond report include the polish, symmetry, fluorescence and share. Armed with this facts, you’re better capable of make an evaluation of the nice of diamond that is installed in an engagement ring.

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