Is Your Company At Risk Without A Cell Phone Policy?

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No Cell Phone Policy = The Potential For Serious Disaster

“A Cell Phone Policy…Really?”

FACT: Cell Sell iPhone for cash litigation is one of the most recent styles of litigation arising all around the country. Whenever there’s an twist of fate or harassment, salary disputes, or different privateness violations, and a cell telephone is worried you can bet a regulation in shape might not be far away.

As a Wireless Management Consultant who has written numerous regulations within the past, I am constantly amazed whilst groups tell me they do now not have an active and updated coverage. Some commercial enterprise owners locate the common Attorney’s fee of $2,500 for a agency cell phone coverage a bit too steep for his or her budget. Others try to write one themselves, which may be a frightening and overwhelming challenge. Still others are just ignorant of how susceptible their agency is with out one.

Why could you want to create a policy for every employee for your organization sign? Other than the truth that we live within the most litigious kingdom on the Earth, you furthermore may want to protect your enterprise in other areas as well.

Traffic and Safety Laws

Employers that have employees driving business enterprise owned automobiles throughout the path of business are very tons at hazard at being held accountable if the worker is concerned in an twist of fate while the use of a organisation cell cellphone.

FACT: Employers can incur legal responsibility whether or not or not the decision is non-public or commercial enterprise associated if it is made on a company smartphone.

FACT: Employer legal responsibility in cases concerning a third celebration is based on a criminal principle called vicarious liability. It gives that an business enterprise is accountable for the damage as a result of its worker if that worker, the usage of a enterprise mobile cellphone, was performing in the route and scope of his or her employment on the time that the accident occurred.

FACT: Plaintiffs regularly declare that their agency is at once negligent for its personal conduct in encouraging or permitting personnel to use cellular devices for commercial enterprise with out good enough guidelines and education of these regulations.

FACT: It does not be counted if the decision is being made all through everyday workplace hours or now not; what matters is that the call is by hook or by crook paintings associated and the device they’re using belongs to YOU! Employers may be found accountable for any damages because of an employee performing within the scope of his or her employment. Employers can now be found negligent in the event that they fail to provide an good enough coverage and proper training.

– Recently, within the country of Virginia, a sales rep returning home from work, became speakme on her mobile smartphone with a client. She by chance struck and killed a teenage girl. The family of the lady filed a $30 million lawsuit towards the enterprise, claiming the agency was negligent in presenting cellular phones to their employees with out imparting a organisation mobile cellphone policy or a protection coverage. The circle of relatives won that match.

•In Arkansas, a jury discovered a lumber business enterprise responsible after one of their personnel struck some other vehicle, gravely injuring the passenger. At the time of the coincidence the worker riding the vehicle was using the cellular telephone for a commercial enterprise call. This unique case ended up being settled for $sixteen million. They had no cellular smartphone coverage.

-The huge funding company of Salomon Smith Barney paid a $500,000 settlement to the own family of a motorcyclist killed through one among its personnel making a piece-associated name after hours on his organisation mobile telephone. No policy in vicinity.

FACT: Employers can be responsible for issues or injuries created by way of an employee’s use of cellular phones even as riding if a employer affords the phones, or if cell phone use is a essential or an endorsed choice as a part of their task.

IRS Regulations

FACT: IRS tips require corporation issued cell phones and wireless statistics gadgets be used handiest for commercial enterprise purposes; otherwise, personal use of these devices ought to be claimed as a taxable benefit. Your corporation can be penalized and audited for non-compliance of this rule. The IRS can declare that each one undocumented use of a cellular smartphone to your business enterprise is non-public and may deal with the monthly cell cellphone charges as wages even supposing the calls have been for enterprise purposes.

FACT: The IRS and country auditors have become very aggressive of their necessities concerning non-public cellular phones being used in the place of business. Companies are being audited more frequently and as a end result they’re paying severe consequences and fines for non-compliance. You want a policy in location no longer best to guide employer personnel concerning the usage of cell phones but additionally to guard your company from these audits. If you have set guidelines in area that your personnel have signed, then you definitely are protecting your business.

-A organisation become audited via the IRS for cell telephone compliance and fined over $19,000 for not have a clear sufficient coverage about employees making private mobile cellphone calls on their organization telephones and for making commercial enterprise calls on their private phones.
Federal and State Labor and Wage Laws

FACT: Deducting the price of a wireless device from an employee’s final paycheck violates most state and federal wage legal guidelines. Federal and State law restriction and prohibit an business enterprise from making pay deductions for broken mobile devices or for failing to go back organisation issued cell telephones or for detrimental system. In most states if you are found at fault for deducting money from an personnel paycheck for a misplaced or broken phone, and except your coverage is worded efficiently, you could be sued for triple damages.


FACT: The Fair Labor Standards Act calls for that non-exempt personnel should be paid for all hours labored. If, for instance, a non-exempt worker checks paintings e-mail from domestic or takes calls from a client on his business enterprise cell smartphone, the time need to remember as hours worked.

Monitoring and Tracking

Do you’ve got your employee’s consent to tune the whereabouts of your agency’s cell gadgets? Without consent you walk a satisfactory line concerning privateness rights. You want a coverage this is very clean and specific approximately monitoring the whereabouts of your cellular telephones so you aren’t infringing on anybody’s privacy.

-A Florida Roofing employer became sued through an employee whilst he found his business enterprise cell telephone was nevertheless being tracked after hours without his knowledge. He had visited a friend the night time before at a drug rehab center and tomorrow his company wondered him approximately his very own drug usage. This turned into considered an invasion of privacy due to the fact the employer had no policy in area that informed the worker that his mobile telephone may be tracked at every time. The worker became presented $500,000 in a civil fit.

Other troubles

FACT: Employers are actually going through growing claims via personnel for health issues allegedly related to cell telephone use. This is occurring despite the fact that the science seems inconclusive and contradictory. Workers who use cell phones whilst on the task have now begun to document workers reimbursement claims and proceedings based totally at the idea that radio frequency radiation from cell phones may lead to diverse forms of mind cancer or different maladies.

Employers must defend themselves with a coverage that informs employees of the capacity fitness risks associated with using a cell phone, and even shows or requires using a palms-loose tool. The policy ought to state that personnel will not keep their employers responsible for any suspected health troubles which can end result from using a corporation-issued mobile device is critical.

Privacy Concerns

Are you involved about privacy? Do you have got a coverage in area that addresses the misuse of cellular phones to your organisation? Does it cope with confidentiality, security, privateness and harassment? Are you worried about privileged or confidential fabric including trade secrets or statistics approximately your clients? Do you’ve got a policy that includes a provision governing camera telephones, which gift an increasing risk to organizations? Intellectual assets, change secrets and techniques, personal consumer facts, or different confidential records may be captured and used effortlessly with a digicam telephone.

FACT: Employees may have their photo taken in non-public regions, and can record healthy against your agency for invasion of privacy or harassment. Do your employees have mobile telephones with cameras and video functions or Smart Phones with scanners? Do you have got a coverage in vicinity that covers possession of pics thinking about your organisation-issued cellular devices? Do your personnel have broadband or Internet cards? Do you’ve got a policy in area that prohibits your personnel from connecting their personal phones to USB ports on their laptop?

-An worker of a Delaware agency decided it is probably fun to play a joke on a fellow employee and take a image of him relieving himself at a urinal. He snapped the photograph on his organisation mobile phone and showed to others again on the office. When that got a few laughs he published it on the Internet. The organisation is out of commercial enterprise these days after dropping a $1.Four million dollar lawsuit for negligence. The employee stated there was no written coverage in area on cell smartphone misconduct in the workplace. The Judge had no different recourse.

Can you come up with the money for to be with out a coverage?

The solution is NO. You cannot have the funds for the threat!

FACT: Having a policy organized for your employer is a small fee for a record that might probably save your organization from an expensive lawsuit. It’s virtually a small fee to pay for this sort of effective defense, must you need it. So why put your agency in a vulnerable kingdom by not having one?

Wouldn’t you alternatively have a signed record in hand while an employee decides he desires to sue you? A signed report that asserts he has given his permission on the very thing he is trying to sue you for? Sure you’ll. Without a sound policy in place… You’re a sitting duck!

M. L. Taylor is the President and CEO of Wireless Resolutions, a incredibly a hit and lots in demand Wireless Expense Management enterprise and Customer Advocate institution, that specializes in assisting enterprise owners dramatically reduce their cellular phone prices. We accomplish this by way of providing superior, certain, reliable service and by supplying an unequalled level of wireless knowledge inside the ever-changing and ever-complex global of telecommunications. Every year, American corporations spend in extra of $22 billion for wi-fi services, maximum of which is not audited, contested or controlled. As a end result, research display that over eighty% of these organizations fall victim to billing mistakes, overcharges, excessively excessive fees, fraud and abuse. Wireless Resolutions started out in 2007 with a vision to trade the manner Business Clients manipulate their wireless services. After operating with all the principal carriers for over 20 years and witnessing this abuse first hand, I realized the need to bring change to this enterprise and to combat for the rights of customers who had been being taken advantage of.

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