How To Track Your Twitter Contest

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Tracking your Twitter contest is an apparent step in running a successful Twitter contest, I’m usually surprised with the aid of the quantity of folks who don’t song their results.

Always track all your advertising and marketing efforts and remember every marketing effort should be accomplished for a motive.

Tools to Measure Your Twitter Contest

It’s vital to use suitable gear to degree your Twitter contest.

If the targets of your Twitter contest are to increase followers, growth ReTweets, and generate leads, you want a tool which could measure those information.

You may additionally should use multiple device to degree your consequences. You should use a tool like HootSuite or HubSpot, to measure the increase in the range of followers and ReTweets.

Measure the Leads Generated

To measure the leads generated through your contest, you may set up a brand new marketing campaign in an electronic mail autoresponder program like AWeber, or Constant Contact to capture your new leads.

The key is to determine the right size tool and take a look at it earlier than you launch your Twitter contest.

I like to apply more than one tools to degree my contests, to make sure I’m appropriately measuring the outcomes.

Confirm the Winners

When your contest ends, it is critical to attain out to the winners on Twitter and thru email, to let them know that they gained as quickly as possible.

Once they reply, I let the Twitterverse recognise who received.

It’s crucial to attend till they reply to you, to verify that they’re a actual person and now not a Twitterbot.

It could be very embarrassing if the winner of your contest turned into a Twitterbot and also you introduced it to the arena.


Once you verify the winner, it’s time to have fun!

Announce the winner publicly on Twitter, on the contest’s web web page, your weblog, Facebook, LinkedIn and your other social communities.

The greater exposure you generate, the greater popular your destiny contests could be.

Review the Results

When your contest is whole, take time to check its results.

Did you meet your desires? What labored and what didn’t? What should you do better to your next contest?

It’s important to review your contest in detail so you could make your subsequent one even better. It’s additionally very vital, to follow up with your new leads in a timely way.

I also want to welcome my new followers with a non-public message if possible.

Your message have to have the following factors:

Your message must be less than a hundred and forty characters. To offer people room to feature their personal comments to the ReTweet.
Begin with something other than @YourTwitterID so the ReTweet can be handled like a Reply in place of a Mention. If you start the ReTweet with @YourTwitterId it will handiest be visible by your followers.
Use your Twitter ID in the message so people will comply with you
Mention a short summary of the prize
Mention your sponsor or their Twitter ID inside the message and make it clear they’re offering the prize
Add a trackable hyperlink this is shortened to the Tweet. You can use HootSuite or URL shorteners like Bitly or TinyURL.
Add your contest hashtag to the ReTweet to help sell your contest.
The trick is to provide sufficient records about the contest, the prize, and your sponsor while leaving room for contestants to ReTweet the message. You will get the dangle of it with a little practice.

Launching Your Twitter rateio Contest

It is vital which you plan the release of your Twitter contest because you can’t find the money for any hiccups when you start it.

There are many potential points of failure, so it’s first-rate to create a detailed release plan, with a complete checklist of tasks and duties.

It’s additionally vital to exercise your release, by means of simulating the tasks as a team,

or by means of doing a small release to make sure your project listing is complete.

Involve your sponsors in the planning and testing process

Your sponsors are an fundamental a part of your Twitter contest, so get them involved from the start.

Give them lots of time to work on their contest responsibilities and make sure the contest prize might be ready nicely earlier.
Make certain you realize precisely what the prize might be, how and when it will likely be delivered and set an expiration date if the prize is a service or a non-tangible item.
Never trade the prize as soon as the contest begins
Never change the guidelines once the competition begins.
Work collectively together with your sponsor to create a marketing plan for the event and distribute the tasks and costs accordingly.
Set up your promotional internet pages properly in advance and test all hyperlinks very well.
Promote the competition constantly the use of scheduled Tweets and social media posts.
Never charge someone to participate in the contest or require them to purchase anything to gain entry into the contest. This may be unlawful in some states so continually maintain your contests free to all people.
Follow Twitter’s contest regulations at all times.
Twitter contests are very powerful whilst you set clean contest targets, plan your contest cautiously, measure your fulfillment, and test, check, and test again earlier than you release.

Remember to make your contest fun and smooth, and watch the outcomes unfold!

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