EFT Tapping – A Passport to Emotional Freedom and Stress Relief For Abuse Survivors

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Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for quick is a pressure relief method that changed into created inside the 1990’s by means of Stanford Engineer and Peak Performance Coach, Gary Craig. EFT is regularly defined as a mental needle-unfastened ouchless version of acupuncture.

Ancient Healing Art of Acupuncture: The Source of EFT’s Humble Beginnings

Acupuncture is the 5000 yr old technological know-how invented by way of the historical Chinese. They had been the first to investigate and find out the presence of a community of channels of electrically charged strength particles in the course of the body. Today advances in the discipline of current technological know-how and the emerging area of mind/frame medication maintain to illustrate evidence that our bodies are a low stage electro-magnetically charged system and by harnessing the power of our thoughts we will either create fitness or show up contamination in our bodies.

Acupuncturists say there are circuits in our frame where those floating bits of electrically charged strength particles are constantly passing along and travelling. When those channels of electricity, additionally referred to as meridians get blocked up and congested through our emotional conflicts, fears and terrible beliefs we revel in mental, emotional, bodily soreness and pain.

E=MC2: The Science Behind EFT

The founding principle of Emotional Freedom Technique is based totally on Einstein’s discovery that E=MC2, which without a doubt said way that everything consists of power. A desk, chair, your property, your breasts, even your thoughts and reminiscences are all made up of debris of floating bits of energy. This is quality acknowledged asThe Energy Model which explains that power can neither be created nor destroyed, it may simplest be changed.

Gary Craig – “The Cause of All Negative Emotions is a Disruption within the Body’s Energy System.”

Scientists inside the area of thoughts/body remedy are most effective now simply starting to apprehend the degree to which our bodies are complex and succesful. Like two aspects of the equal coin, your mind and frame are linked. This method that your feelings, thoughts and beliefs in the long run decide your fitness. When your energy is flowing freely, you sense precise. And whilst your energy is blocked, you feel terrible.

Founder of EFT, Gary Craig says, “the motive of all terrible emotions is a disruption in the frame’s electricity device. This manner that whenever you experience pain, disorder, cravings, urges, obsessive mind, or any poor emotion, the underlying motive is a block on your energy gadget. In order to clear the distortions which are the supply of the terrible feelings in your body, EFT works on the basis of tuning into the hassle at the same time as on the same time gently tapping together with your fingertips on extraordinary ‘comfort spots’ for your body.

These are the endpoints of the blocked meridians. By the use of this mild tapping movement, it’s far possible to set off a flooding impact that relaxes muscular tissues, releases stored toxins and initiates a chain response of chemical and neurological changes at some stage in the body. Think of this tapping technique as supplying you with the power to wipe your mental and emotional slate easy and begin over.

The Importance of Changing Your Story

What testimonies are you telling yourself? What things have you ever been saying in your body? What feelings do you get every time you look within the reflect?

Most people are pretty difficult on themselves, however those who have encountered abuse of their past are extremely self critical and abusive of themselves, forever stating their flaws, placing themselves down, and doubting their own self well worth. These nasty stuff you say to your self aren’t simply on your head. As technological know-how continues to show, your thoughts are energy – an crucial a part of the universe – each with their own capacity to have an effect on the sector, and most essential, you. Every day your thoughts are developing your reality. It’s the Law of Attraction. Thoughts are tangible, they’re energy, and they may be constantly transferring and vibrating, looking for mind and matters of comparable vibration. Everything is vibration! What are you vibrating? What are you attracting into your life by means of the memories you tell and the thoughts you believe you studied?

Imagine that the memories we inform ourselves are like a broken document, constantly gambling again and again once more, in a loop with out ever stopping. This is what occurs on every occasion you’re reminded of an emotionally charged event. Because your mind can not tell the difference between an imagined concept and reality, your frame responds as even though you’re truly re-experiencing the occasion all all over again. If the experience become stressful and painful, as a lot as you may need to exchange and get out of being a sufferer and feeling helpless, you can not because you’re stuck in a rut, not able to transport beyond thinking about the hassle.

My Powerful, Personal Experience with EFT: Changing My Story

For years as a woman who has persevered a records of being sexually abused and verbally battered, I continually felt as even though I become cursed in life. I acted like and notion of myself as a sufferer which stored me stuck in so many methods, playing small and being afraid. I become stuck in my lifestyles.

Today I credit EFT for restoration me. It’s given me the maximum powerful tool I understand to convert my fearful and poor thinking, tame my nasty internal critic and make me complete again after being broken and feeling so painfully unworthy for such a lot of years.

Despite being capable of characteristic at a excessive degree running a a hit multi-million dollar enterprise, I changed into truely dwelling in a personal hell, stuck underneath a darkish cloud of worry and shame. Whenever I wasn’t working I retreated from the world, simply clammed up, hid away by using ingesting myself into oblivion. Because I felt so terrible approximately myself and changed into completely ashamed of my frame, I attempted to be as invisible as I could be. I avoided maximum social gatherings. I did not play complete out, I hardly ever ventured beyond my consolation region and I never felt secure taking risks. Because I had a simple mistrust of guys, I constantly felt intimidated via them. From the bed room to the boardroom, I was overly cautious and scared of expressing myself, announcing what became on my thoughts, status in my power and letting human beings recognize that I had desires and critiques.

Despite in some way locating and marrying a outstanding husband who adores me, I struggled desperately with agree with troubles. I pretty lots stored my heart tucked away, usually looking to preserve myself safe. Because I had such a lot of terrible charged memories around the issue of intercourse, I failed to experience cozy loving or being loved. Every fear of the unknown had the potential energy to plunge me back into the depths of the darkness of my soul. With insecurity as my consistent partner, I was always questioning while the subsequent shoe turned into going to drop.

It seemed like there had been a million situations in lifestyles that induced my fears and ache, constantly threatening my peace of thoughts and sanity. I will be first-rate one second and damaged down in tears the subsequent completely swept away by means of my own fears and imagined horrible occasions. In a desperate try to reconcile and circulate beyond my many memories of abuse, I spent 18 half of years in traditional remedy, with little to show for it.

The day a colleague of mine introduced me to EFT, my complete life changed. At the time, I was experiencing a panic assault, due to the fact something I saw and heard in a classroom putting had brought about a memory of sexual abuse that I had skilled in my past. I keep in mind feeling and seeing my frame start to shake uncontrollably as I regarded down and watched my trembling arms, vibrating as they bounced on my quivering knees. I could feel the all too familiar lump in my throat and the anxiety in my eyes as they started out to fill with tears. My colleague quick got here to my assistance and escorted me out of the room. As quickly because the door closed in the back of us, my silent tears gave way to heaving sobs.

Within simply a few minutes of tapping, the emotional price of the flood of nervous recollections plaguing me that day became absolutely neutralized. Today I nonetheless have those same kinds of memories but I do not sense whatever after I think about them. That one unmarried revel in that I had with EFT created such an considerable momentum of change in my lifestyles that day. For the primary time ever, I sooner or later understood that by using being unwilling to forgive my abusers and keeping onto that anger and hatred, I turned into simplest hurting myself. That day forgiveness have become a no brainer and I ultimately found out that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. With that new insight, I was freed from my self imposed prison of being a victim.

Thanks to EFT, now I love the JuicyFields I can see matters differently. I can see that painful revel in of my abuse as something that, although it turned into terrible, it become definitely a effective studying enjoy for me because I now realise how robust I am. I realize that I might by no means have the intensity of compassion for myself or others if I might not have skilled the abuse I did. Since that first come upon with EFT, I’ve resolved to proportion this gift with other girls whose lives have also been touched with the aid of abuse.

Today I hold to apply EFT frequently and continually, every time a bad reminiscence or fear pops up, I understand that I can easily disarm it and glide beyond it. I don’t forget EFT my recipe for courage in a bottle. My enjoy of recuperation with EFT is just considered one of many thousands of people whose lives were modified by means of this simple, silly searching little powerhouse of a method.

Uses for EFT

You can use Emotional Freedom Technique to get comfort for problems of anger, unhappiness, worry, shame, overwhelm. It’s used to help humans to release and neutralize demanding recollections of warfare, rape, abuse, molestation, dispose of or alleviate bodily ache. It works to do away with all varieties of overall performance tension, which includes: fear of public speakme, heights, vertigo, overcome intellectual blocks, improves test taking, increases your preference for sex. You can use it to overcome a selection of fears and phobias, remove allergies, clear up mind fog, break freed from proscribing ideals, cast off anxiety, undesirable mind or emotions, neutralize food and addictive cravings, PMS, despair, stiffness or discomfort.

As I describe in my ebook and teach my clients, with the aid of the use of it as I do, you can create kick butt self assurance and triumph over a fat and unsightly, bad self image, years of self doubt, a persistent bad attitude, and a lot more. As a professional certified empowerment teach, I love EFT. I don’t forget it the bees’ knees of coaching gear and the single fine aspect that ever took place in my existence.

Features of EFT

1. Fast appearing: EFT frequently works swiftly.

2. Painless: It is notably painless. In the case of handling terrible memories, you do no longer should relive them and re-experience the original trauma.

3 Emotional consequences are usually long lasting

four. Physical consequences: range in lasting capacity, (new elements that need to be handled one by one can arise.)

5. Specificity: It’s excellent to work on unique occasions. It makes it simpler to song into the supply of the trouble.

6. Simple: EFT is an easy, system that you can do your self. Tap your cares away.

As Gary Craig says, “Try it on the entirety.” And please remember that EFT works while you work it. Now deliver it some concept. Considering that EFT is like having courage in a bottle, a pharmacy at your fingertips that still offers you the power to wipe your slate easy and begin all all over again, what could you like EFT to do for you?

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