Certified Diamonds – GIA, EGL, AGS, Which Diamond Grading Lab is Best?

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There are plenty of reviews in the rings enterprise approximately which grading lab is great whilst deciding on a diamond. The hassle with these opinions is that they’re commonly jaded because the person/enterprise supplying you with the opinion desires to promote you their diamond. Their opinion on which grading lab is high-quality is decided through what lab has graded their diamond, how convenient is that? If they personal a diamond licensed by way of EGL then they let you know that EGL is best, in the event that they have another diamond owned via GIA then GIA is first-rate. These are biased opinions and you should be very cautious as to how plenty weight is given to them at some point of your choice making manner.

How are diamonds licensed?
The “Big Three” grading laboratories as I like to call them have similar procedures for certifying diamonds. This process involves several Graduate Gemologists independently assessing and agreeing at the shade, readability, and carat weight of the diamond. This facilitates reduce the possibility for human errors whilst figuring out the final grade for the diamond, even though it does not cast off it. You need to don’t forget the indeniable reality that there is no precise technology in the back of diamond grading. I know the grading systems sound authentic and technology like however they are truly aren’t. Ponder this declaration for a second, “No diamonds are precisely alike.” With that being stated, how may want to two unique diamonds which are not exactly alike be graded precisely alike? In truth they cannot be.

The other important truth is that the final fine grades are choices or critiques now not scientific calculations. So if they may be reviews and every diamond is graded by using one of a kind labs and different graders then how ought to there be any consistency? Truth be recognised, grading labs have a hard time with that, irrespective of which lab you speakme about. Let’s say for example, that you ship a diamond to GIA for certification and it comes lower back carat weight – .50ct, readability-SI2, Color-H. Then, you throw away the certification and send the diamond back for a second grading as if it have been never graded earlier than. The danger of it coming back SI2, H again is probably 80% and 20% that it’s going to come again extraordinary. So the grading and certification manner is truly fallacious first of all. If you can not get one grading lab to continuously accept as true with its personal grades, how could you anticipate different labs to agree with every other? Again, there is no smooth answer to that question and as an industry we nonetheless do not have it figured out.

From a patron point of view the fine approach to shopping for a diamond shop online is to apply your fine judgment. Read the grading document from whatever lab licensed the diamond and look at each the diamond and the certification. Use the certification mostly of thumb or a starting point, do not use it as the end all be all. Learn how the grading system works after which compare diamonds side by way of facet beneath the microscope and determine for your self which diamond looks better.

GIA, EGL, AGS, GIA – Gemological Institute of America EGL – European Gemological Laboratory AGS – American Gem Society
Recently, GIA seems to have the high-quality reputation for grading diamonds correctly. I task this due to the fact I’ve visible and in comparison many diamonds from all 3 labs and witnessed inaccuracies in GIA grades as regularly as EGL and AGS. I believe that GIA, EGL, and AGS are the 3 exceptional solutions for purchasing diamonds however, I don’t sense one is better than the other. One interesting reality is that you may pay 15% more (on average) for a diamond licensed with the aid of GIA because their reputation appears better than different labs. The trouble with that is that EGL and AGS are flawlessly able to grading a diamond as correctly as GIA, and usually do. So if this is the case, then why would pay more for a GIA licensed diamond that has the identical grade as an EGL or AGS diamond? The solution is which you shouldn’t! One of the fine offers in the earrings industry is a diamond licensed by EGL; that is due to the fact some jewelers expect that EGL isn’t graded as conservatively as a GIA. In the give up many jewelers price an EGL licensed diamond at less than GIA or AGS stones. This I consider is a mistake due to the fact in my enjoy the grading for all three labs is similar. For a purchaser although, buying an EGL licensed diamond is an great opportunity to shop for a well graded diamond for plenty less than you have to. You can study greater about diamond certifications at certified diamonds.

AGS has turn out to be very amazing for his or her understanding approximately cut and grading a diamond for its ability mild performance. Most of what the jewellery industry uses to determine if a diamond is optimized for brilliance is based totally on AGS’s research. If a jeweler suspects that a diamond is cut very well then he may ship the diamond to AGS for certification. If you are searching out a diamond with a completely high cut grade you must do not forget searching at diamonds which have been licensed by using AGS.

Final tips
Get greater concerned in the diamond shopping for process and recognize how the 4C’s work, no longer simply what it stands for. Ask to apply a jeweler’s loupe (eye piece) or a microscope to look the diamond below magnification. When searching on the diamond under magnification look at the inclusions for every grade you are thinking about then evaluate them aspect through aspect to decide if one looks higher than the other. For example, shall we embrace you’re looking at two SI1 diamonds – one is an authorized through EGL and the alternative GIA. After evaluating them, you make a decision that the diamonds look similar but the EGL diamond is 15% less in price. Who cares what lab licensed them! Just due to the fact a few jewelers assume that GIA is a higher grading lab does not make the diamond licensed by using GIA better. The grading labs don’t make the diamonds, they surely grade them, a diamond is not made better with the aid of its certification. A certification is just a bit of paper; you can’t positioned a chunk of paper in a ring and advise. If one diamond appears better than every other it probable is, irrespective of the grade or what lab assigned it. So in this example the logical preference is to get the better searching diamond, neglect about what lab is better and save your cash.

Don’t exclude comparing the shade. The great manner to do that is to invite to peer unfastened un-set diamonds after which examine them facet via side. Take a white piece of paper and place the diamonds upside down and next to one another on the paper. The white background provides assessment to the diamond’s coloration and allows you distinguish the coloration differences among them. After you decide for your very own approximately the amount of shade a diamond has then talk to the certification to see what the grade is. Again, it does not be counted who graded the diamond or what the grade is. In the stop you need to see it together with your very personal eyes and consider your instincts approximately which diamond is proper for you.

Diamond certification is certainly crucial to have and I don’t assume you should buy a first-class diamond with out one. I do agree with although, that a wholesome selection is one that involves you relating to the certification, evaluating diamonds facet with the aid of facet, and the use of your head. Let’s no longer overlook the price of running with a good jeweler as nicely. A correct jeweler lends his/her know-how and offers an impartial opinion about every diamond’s characteristics. The final selection about a diamond and whether it’s proper for you – have to be made by means of you. Not a grading lab!

Andy Moquin has spent two decades within the earrings business shopping for and promoting over $20,000,000 in diamonds, engagement rings and custom designed rings. He as traveled to Belgium and Israel to paintings with international diamond sellers and works as an marketing consultant for DBC Diamonds an worldwide consortium of diamond dealers. His revel in within the jewelry commercial enterprise has grow to be helpful to consumers and commercial enterprise proprietors. He may be contacted at find out about diamonds

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