Stone Age, Board Game Review


First off, permit’s talk approximately the simple guidelines of the game. Stone Age is a employee placement sport. Each player begins out with five humans which can be placed in diverse locations on the board which will accumulate meals, sources, make tools, assemble homes, improve in the food chain, produce greater human beings or advance the civilization. Workers are placed in yellow “earrings” and each region has 1 to 7 earrings to be had for worker placement บาคาร่า วีวิว 10เว็บ ที่ดีที่สุด.

Each round of the game accommodates of 3 levels:

Players area their employees at the board. The beginning player places one or greater workers on an area then the subsequent participant, in clockwise order, locations a few people and so forth until all players have located all in their people at the board. The quantity of jewelry at the board indicate what number of workers may be positioned in a particular region. Each participant is permitted to vicinity employees simplest as soon as per turn in a selected area.
Players use the movements of their placed employees. Players can pick out the order in which every action is taken.
Players feed their people. All employees need to be fed with 1 meals originating either from trendy food manufacturing (in line with placement inside the food music) or stocked food. Food may be stocked with the aid of looking within the Hunting Grounds.
The viable locations for worker placement are:

The hunting grounds. Here humans hunt for meals. This is the only vicinity wherein no earrings are proven and players may also positioned as many workers as they like however consider, only once in line with flip! Players roll as many cube as the amount of employees located, during the second one section, and get food identical to the end result of the dice divided through 2 and rounded down.
Forest, Clay Pit, Quarry and River. Here humans paintings for timber, clay, stone and gold for this reason. A general of 7 people may be located right here. Players, during the second one section, roll as many cube as the quantity of people positioned and get hold of an amount of the relevant sources identical to the result of the cube divided with the aid of 3,four,5 or 6 rounded down therefore.
The Hut. Only a single participant can place workers here. 2 humans (guy+female) are placed here a good way to produce an additional worker all through the second segment.
The Field. Only one employee may be located right here. During the second one phase, the player who positioned a employee here will boost in the meals song 1 space, increasing his meals production.
Tool maker. Only one worker may be placed here. He grants the player with an additional device, used to reinforce the end result of cube when accumulating assets. Players can use tools in dice rolling to improve the cube result by using including the fee of 1 or more equipment to the end result, as a result making up for a terrible roll. Each tool can be used as soon as consistent with round.
Buildings. Players location a single employee on any constructing. During the second section they may pay some sources to assemble the building and might be given straight away a few victory points.
Civilization cards. Players place a unmarried worker on any card. During the second segment they will pay the quantity of resources proven on the pinnacle of the vicinity and could be given the card along side an immediately bonus (There is one exception of a card granting 2 assets that may be claimed instantly or later in the sport. Each civilization card gives an advantage so that it will supply victory factors at the give up of the game. Cards may additionally praise the participant for the quantity of employees, equipment, homes, food production or comparable playing cards he has.
Now let’s see how the sport rankings in every of our review scoring categories, that are:

Components – Are the sport additives carefully designed? Are they beautiful and do they add to the fee and experience of the sport?

Gameplay – Is the gameplay thrilling enough? Does it have sufficient intensity?

Learning Curve – Is the game clean to examine or do you need to appearance up the policies on every occasion you play it?

Theme – Does the game provide a experience of immersion? Can you believe being inside the global it depicts?

Fun – Does the game make you chortle or as a minimum have a good time at the same time as gambling? Is it enjoyable enough?


The gameboard is simply tremendous! It’s very colourful and astonishing. All locations where you could assign your people are depicted with stunning detail and seem linked to one another, forming an wonderful little global. The person participant forums is the area to place your food, equipment, homes, tokens and assets. It additionally gives beneficial information approximately how civilization playing cards are used to gain victory points and what are the diverse multipliers for the assets. After some time you’ll consider these by using heart but for the primary couple of video games it can come up reachable. Resource blocks depict well each useful resource and the leather cube cup ensures that the dice are rolled with out lots noise. Eight/10


Gameplay is the maximum critical component in a sport. No remember how beautiful a recreation seems, if it hasn’t enough depth to hold you trying for more, you will without difficulty be bored. After playing some video games of Stone Age I realized that Stone Age is not an easy recreation to master. Each and every recreation can be a unique one and players ought to continuously assume and alter their gameplay and method in keeping with the specific situations. More than regularly you’ll need to face important questions: Should I try to get that civ card so that it will deliver me extra points or perhaps should I purpose to sabotage an opponent who’s building up in structures? Should I make any other device or go for the sphere before the vicinity is taken? One of the most interesting factors is the predicament of rings in step with location as well as the individuality of locations e.G the hut, toolmaker and fields. Only one player can occupy those locations which makes the selection of proper employee placement quite tough. The maximum critical a part of the game is the first phase and gamers should pay interest no longer most effective to their own development however to their warring parties as properly. Don’t neglect civilization cards whilst obtained are placed face down, so that you need to try to consider what your warring parties method is. Dice rolling will be completed considerably in the game but surprisingly it won’t have an effect on a lot the course to victory (in part because using the gear you make, dice effects may be stepped forward). Close attention has been paid to the versions of the game for 2-three gamers, introducing new demanding situations and requiring a piece one of a kind approach. For example in a 2-participant sport, best 2 of the 3 places: Hut, Field, Tool Maker are to be had, plus most effective one participant can occupy the resource locations. Considering the fact that most video games lose a number of their amusing issue whilst performed with much less than four players, that is a point in which Stone Age shines. Overall I think that, although simple in implementation, the sport may be very difficult and can grow to be pretty addictive as the road to victory is in no way sincere. 9/10

Learning Curve:

The game guidelines may seem a chunk puzzling in the beginning but after gambling 2-3 video games, all becomes flawlessly clear and policies are very clean to take into account. Individual player boards help closer to that, through containing facts approximately aid multipliers/factor values and the manner civilization playing cards paintings. 7/10


Although the game board and additives are fantastically designed and depict the subject matter of the Stone Age quite correctly, the mechanics of the game don’t have enough depths to will let you certainly feel like being a caveman. Maybe if the humans tokens were designed with more proposal…. 6/10

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