Grand Theft Auto – Episodes From Liberty City Game Preview

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Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City is a completely unique idea inside the online game global due to the fact it is standalone episodes that do not require the authentic GTA IV to paintings. Therefore, individuals who do no longer have GTA IV should buy those new mini video games and play them at complete ability. This new recreation is available on XBox stay on October 29 and is really really worth finding out as it presents new missions inside the traditional GTA fashion of video games.

The new episode that is found in this disk is referred to as The Ballad of Gay Tony. In this episode, you will play as a bodyguard named Luis Lopez. Lopez is also a enterprise companion of Gay Tony, who is continuously looking out for the identify man or woman’s interests. Tony owns of the pinnacle nightclubs in Liberty City, however has these days gotten himself into problem with shady people and wishes your assist in straightening matters out. If you’ve got performed GTA IV, you’ll understand a number of the happenings within the city while Lopez’s tale is playing out, as these video video games do now not have a touch little bit of overlap. As Lopez, you’ll be forced to address higher magnificence issues, as he does now not deal with street hoods the manner that many different GTA characters do.

An example of this comes from a venture in which Luis Lopez has to lean at the proprietor of Liberty City’s expert hockey team, on account that a Russian crime lord named Bulgarin needs to buy the team and the owner refuses to promote. As with everything else in high society, each person has a price, so it’s far as much as Luis Lopez to find that price so that you can get human beings what they want. If they will now not promote out, as is the case with the hockey team’s owner, Lopez is forced to kill them, as is commonplace inside the GTA video 토토사이트 games.

Some of the brand new features on this episode characteristic greater helicopter and different stunts, because the excessive profile nature of those dealings make sure that Lopez is continuously making daredevil maneuvers. There are also a number of of recent guns protected with these games, as Lopez has greater of a finances than GTA characters have had inside the past. Other precise features like planted electrical prices allow Lopez to take care of human beings remotely, so he does now not even ought to be within the area to get despite a person. An instance of this occurs while a few police officers get a bit too close to Lopez and Bulgarin. In this scene, the two of you and yet another gangster disguise whilst a few law enforcement officials are blown up even as searching Bulgarin’s vehicle. As is widespread in those video games, the police then swarm the area and you are compelled to get away and conceal. This scene on my own makes those games nicely worth a purchase because it is specific to Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City.

If you sense like you’re geared up to step into white collar crime, then this recreation is sincerely some thing you should play. You will address some high degree crooks in these video games, who’ve the resources to make you disappear very quickly. Lopez even has the risk to practice running the nightclubs through a series of mini games, which make Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City some thing this is well worth checking out.

The other episode that is protected with this game is The Lost and the Damned, that is a part of the unique GTA IV recreation. In this episode, you will play Johnny, who is a reformed biker gang member who finds himself inside the center of a turf struggle. Johnny deals with the lower stop of criminals, that’s much unique from the tale of Luis Lopez. The accurate new is that for the reason that you’ll get both of these video video games on one disk, you could enjoy all degrees of crime via these games. This two disk set is to be had in shops or via Xbox Live on October 29 and every GTA lover will surely love these video games because they flawlessly upload to the legacy that GTA has put forth in the beyond.

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