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Are you one of the thousands and thousands who ask themselves each time a television ad pops on the display screen for every other “Awards” show, “Does each person even watch these items anymore??”

Admittedly, even the ones folks inside the Entertainment international can not hold up with the plethora of self-aggrandizing ceremonies that dribble out of L.A. And New York.

Let’s see, you have got the Academy Awards, a.Ok.A. The Oscars, Tony awards, SAG awards, Golden Globe awards, Emmy awards (Daytime and Primetime), Grammies, Country Music awards, Independent Spirit awards, the Image Awards, MTV movie awards, People’s Choice awards, Teen Choice Awards, Kids Choice Awards, BAFTA Awards, European Film Awards, Internet Movie awards, Genie Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music awards, the Razzies (my favorite) and nicely over 3 instances as many who are not even televised.
HollywoodReporter.Com pronounced that the Academy Awards of 2008 “hit an all-time rankings low” and the Emmy’s had its lowest viewer ship in 18 years. Most in the Entertainment Award circles blamed the writer’s strike. Sorry, the general public isn’t always buying it. The most effective part of the strike the public cared approximately become the truth that the very last season of Scrubs changed into tragically reduce short.

Many human beings stopped looking Award shows whilst obvious losers gained over apparent winners, or a winner changed into selected more out of political correctness than notable performance, or perhaps some of us had been simply tired of being preached to from the Hollywood pulpit through the standard solid of characters preserving onto their golden “calves”. (Ooooo, that stings. Oh, well.)
So if the rankings are plummeting, and most of the people does not care anymore…

…Then why the H. E. Double hockey sticks can we nevertheless have award indicates??

Why do the essential and minor studios spend boo-coo bucks on selling positive films to the numerous Academies simply to win a nomination the general public, in trendy, does not care about?

Don’t get me incorrect, I may also come off a bit harsh, but growing up inside the enterprise my dream became to win an Oscar, a Tony and a Grammy all inside the same year! It wasn’t till I grew up and became more worried inside the truth and enterprise of Hollywood and filmmaking that my emotions modified. Winning one of these awards is essential to me, but for a very distinctive cause. And this cause, in my view, is the cause for which award indicates had been created inside the first place.
Some will say the reasons we nevertheless air these award shows are:
# four. Tradition. Sorry, this reason simply would not hold up for me. For a purpose to hold to do something that appears to be failing, “culture” is vulnerable.
When traditions start to fade out due to cultural shifts, corruption of its supposed purpose or the mere truth the general public becomes extra knowledgeable and realizes “Hey, that is silly” or “Hey, that is risky,” the way of life will become more of a nuisance or just flat out unlawful.

(Human sacrifice turned into a way of life among ancient Americans. We see how properly that labored out.)

# 3. Satisfying the Ego. This one, I manifest to agree with, however not because the primary cause.

Look, if you’re no longer an artist, you can not understand this one. Artists, particularly entertainers, greater specifically actors, are the maximum neurotic organization of humans you may ever meet. We need steady reassurance that we are doing a exceptional task and that we’re important or we come to be nervous, slightly unstable and uncertain of ourselves.

The handiest manner we recognise we are doing an amazing task, is that if we’re informed we are doing a very good activity and if nobody tells us we’re doing an amazing activity then we start to marvel if we’re doing an amazing task and spiral into an abyss of self-doubt.

I recognize, it is a intellectual disease. Why do you observed it requires such a lot of takes to shoot one scene? Technical troubles apart, it’s not due to the fact Ben Stiller is making every body giggle, it’s because each the director and actors (commonly speaking of route) don’t accept as true with their inventive instincts and maintain trying to get the “best shot.”

All the even as it’s the manufacturer banging his/her head towards the wall looking money happening the drain with each take.

(More in this in a future article.)

# 2. Recognizing accomplishments in a single’s craft. Okay, this is fair, however what number of ceremonies do you need for that? You don’t see a slew of large guys in tuxes displaying up on a purple carpet for the Steel Workers Union awards, do you?

Recognizing achievement is good for any Industry, however it does not solution the question as to why the Entertainment Industry seems to go overboard.

So… The number one cause why we have grandiose award ceremonies, regardless whether or no longer anybody cares, is…


Think approximately it, would not it upload reassurance to your decision to look a movie if you pay attention the deep voiced announcer say, “Starring Academy Award Winner So-and-so, Academy Award winner such-and-such, by Oscar prevailing director What’s-his-butt, with music by using Grammy award prevailing composer What’s-her-face.” Don’t you sense extra assured that it will be a higher movie?

Even if the plot seems a bit silly, you will still assume, “Hmmmm, I bet that’ll be quite appropriate.”

If the film employs Nominated performers, you’ll see that plastered everywhere in the advertising and marketing in Gold letters!


Because it makes you feel “secure” approximately on account that movie. It’s the film industry’s model of a product guarantee.

If you were presented with two dramas you’ve got in no way heard of earlier than, A and B, every with the equal finances, identical script, identical name, Movie A features Award winning and nominated actors, administrators and composers and Movie B is forged with a honest blend of B-listers and no person’s, which do you open your pockets or purse for? Hmmmm?


Studios and shops want your cash and they know that in relation to spending cash on a film, you, the customer, are going to put your green down on “Award winning” artists to supply a better movie almost each time, even though logically you remember the fact that Movie B will be simply as properly, or perhaps higher.

Even the pre-rite circus we recognise because the “Red Carpet” is advertising because from the studios to the producers to even the actors (the clever ones) understand that to live applicable, you need to maintain your face in front of the public as lots as possible, even though it means placing on a ridiculous night robe whilst Ryan Seacrest tells you you appearance lovely.

Still don’t get it? Let me placed it this manner

Why does McDonald’s, the number one rapid food chain within the world, nonetheless spend hundreds of thousands on TV advertisements and billboards?

Because they get it!

They remember that to stay on top, they ought to stay in the front of the general public’s mind, and to do this, they have got keep sending out the message “We are here! We are here! We are heeeere!” That is the position award ceremonies play for the Entertainment Industry.

Just like a movie’s theatrical release is just an commercial for the DVD. (Topic for a future article.)

In end, despite the fact that I’d by no means turn down a nomination or an award from every body, it is not my number one consciousness as a manufacturer/actor/director/composer. It’s now not “What can I do to provide an Oscar-prevailing overall performance,” it’s now “What can I do to make the sort of movies I want to go see?”

(That’s absolutely the PIXAR philosophy and I’d say it is labored out fairly well for them.)

It’s known as Show-“Business.” The Award shows serve many purposes to many human beings, however the bottom line is commercial enterprise…And it’s all approximately –


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